Why am I writing this blog?

I am writing this blog to be accountable.

My journey into investing began as a new years resolution at the start of 2021. I read loads (10 books this year, dozens of podcast episodes, hundreds of online articles, company reports and share prices) and learned a lot. But then I stalled. 

I was overloaded with information and, frankly, got indecisive. The fact that I know very little about investing can be a strength meaning that I am critical and will try to be thorough. 

But the downside is that I feel like I don't know enough. This, in turn, has prevented me from actually investing my money.

So ultimately, this blog is to make me accountable to myself for my investments.

It will make me accountable in two ways. 

First, so that I actually bite the bullet and invest my money in shares, index funds or other assets that I deem to be good investments.

Second, so that I can have a record of my decision-making each time I make an investment. This will be vital when it comes to "rechecking the story" every few months. If something goes well, I can review it and, if it was successful for the right reasons, then I'll pat myself on the back for making a good investment. If something goes badly, then I can reassess and see what went wrong.

I will detail my intended approach in a future post but this blog is ultimately to make me accountable for my investment decisions. I will be investing, making mistakes and hopefully a few successes and trying to learn from them.

I will also make posts that will be helpful to others about the nuts and bolts of investing for beginners. This will include books that I have read, podcast recommendations and the more process-driven acts like picking an ISA.

If you find the posts useful then that's great although please note that this is not financial advice and should not be taken as such. 


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