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Two minute speech: Rolls-Royce

This blog was conceived in a three week stint in a quarantine hotel in Hong Kong.  Throughout my trip to Hong Kong, my return flight to London was cancelled and rearranged with an irritating frequency. This was due to Hong Kong's strict quarantine regime which meant that many airlines were either banned from flying to Hong Kong, or like British Airways stopped all flights in and out of the territory altogether, or like Cathay Pacific simply didn't have the pilots. Whilst most people would freak out in that situation (and, after spending a total of 12 hours on the phone to airlines, insurers and frustrated people in the UK wondering whether I would come home, I was close), I also wondered whether the ongoing disruption to the travel sector could translate to bargains in the stock market. I thought Rolls-Royce Holdings plc could offer such a bargain. Rolls-Royce RR's price/earnings (PE) ratio piqued my interest, it was stupendously low at 2.68. Scratching under the surface, I

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